Ward 3 Residents’  Association


What is the Ward 3 Residents’ Association?

Established in October 2010 and launched in January 2011, the Ward 3 Residents’ Association is a non-profit, volunteer group dedicated to helping and improving opportunities, and the quality-of-life of Ward 3 residents.

The Association was founded based on observations that Ward 3 needed

  • Full Neighbourhood and Ward representation
  • To fully realize the great potential and great opportunities present in Ward 3
  • 3F Events - Fun, Family Oriented & FREE Events that leverage Ward 3 assets

The Association is committed to;

  • Creating, promoting and maintaining safe, clean and healthy neighbourhoods
  • Representing and advocating on behalf of Ward 3 residents
  • Interacting with city staff and municipal government as required
  • Providing assistance and guidance to Ward 3 residents

Where is the Ward 3 Residents’ Association located?

  • Ward 3, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Why was the Ward 3 Residents’ Assocation founded?

  • Because Ward 3 residents deserve a clear, strong and strategic voice.


Ward 3 Residents’ Association works for the betterment of our neighbourhoods.


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